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Versatile and durable transportable spaces for flexible equipment accommodation

There is a versatile and durable transportable space for every commercial technical equipment room need, bespoke designed, factory tested and delivered to site. Here we look at the possibilities.

Containers – static and mobile

A modern container provides the ideal robust solution for housing technical equipment like broadcast or communications equipment (for instance, TV and Radio transmitters), telemetry equipment, pumping equipment, metering equipment and many more.  It is typically fitted with a ventilation or air conditioning system complete with controls to suit the location and equipment requirements, which allows for safe operation even in humid weather conditions and can be adjusted depending on equipment limits.

Transcool Systems containers are bespoke designed and built to house the equipment and can be fitted out to suit any internal requirements and specific interfaces with the any site equipment, Coming with ISO standard corner fittings to allow for mounting and fastening on to lorries, this creates ease of transportation and lifting via HIAB (ISO specifies that a container should have devices for ease of lifting and unloading).


Cabin-style containers provide a lighter weight solution for housing technical equipment As with the Containerized solution, our Cabins can be designed to suit your technical equipment requirements, including cable entries, internal fit out, fire and smoke protection, power supplies, interfaces with generator back-up sets.

Rooftop enclosures

Enclosures for rooftop or roadside use are highly versatile. As with the containers and cabins, a temperature controlled and secure environment can be maintained for sensitive equipment.  Transcool clients are offered a customizable paint finish and mounting system.

Robust materials

Transcool containers and cabins are generally manufactured from durable steel sheeting or galvanized steel sheet that can be treated and painted to the environmental requirements.  They are fitted with insulation rated for the application which is an important protection from the effects of temperature in both cold and hot environments.

The internal materials are designed for durability and flexibility in the use of the space as well as safety and reduced maintenance costs.

All this ensures a long life expectancy – conforming to the ISO standard’s definition of a shipping container as a piece of equipment that can withstand repeated use.

Transcool Systems in-house teams will design, fit out and deliver your equipment to suit your particular requirements. Call us now on 01903 733911 to discuss how we can help you get the right solution for you.