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Why Compromise When You Can Have Exactly What You Need?

Why Compromise When You Can Have Exactly What You Need?

Every organisation has different workplace requirements specific to the type of industry they’re in. Often there is also a strict set of regulations and safety guidelines which must be adhered to.

In many cases, creating exactly the right environment is of paramount importance.

This is why HVAC systems that are installed should be as diverse and bespoke as the industries themselves.

When you’re looking for the best HVAC system or Air Handling Unit (AHU) for your business, opting for a standard, off the shelf solution can be a costly compromise, because one size rarely fits all.

Having a standardised solution can mean going without certain important features, or paying for those that you don’t want or really need. Whereas, bespoke design and build will provide exactly what you’re looking for, in many cases, for less than you would think.

Benefits of bespoke HVAC design

At Transcool Systems, we specialise in the bespoke design and manufacture of air handling units, silencers, acoustic lining and fan boxes including acoustic design, fan selection and filtration specification to meet any of your installation requirements.

And in our years of experience we have seen that the benefits of tailoring a bespoke mechanical or electrical solution to a business’ specific needs are many.

For example, our bespoke air handling units have integrated controls for indoor or outdoor locations with restricted space – so there’s no need to worry about how it’ll work in the space you have available.

Upgrading older systems to a bespoke cooling system can also:

  • Reduce on-site installation cost thanks to bespoke unit design for the site and conditions and restrictions taken into consideration during manufacture
  • Provide Controlled Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and load testing
  • Provide enhanced quality control
  • Reduce health and safety risks during site construction due to bespoke design unique to the site and the consideration of lifting and site handling requirements during manufacture
  • Overcome current restrictions, limitations and problems onsite

One example was a bespoke Air Handling Unit (AHU) installation for a major UK client who requested a refurbishment of an old radio room for new services, including new cooling for the new equipment on a hilltop mast site.

A site survey identified there was only one external wall for supply air equipment, limitations on space and onsite movement. There were also confinements on penetration into the building around existing cable management and a vertically fixed access ladder.

Our experienced design engineers designed a modular bespoke air handling unit, which came with a new ventilation system and components were shipped separately and fitted on-site. We also ensured it was lighter, allowing manual handling and had a special weather seal when two halves were married up and bolted together, ensuring complete protection from the elements.

The unit was delivered, positioned, erected and weather sealed all in one day, saving our customers on money and time.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a bespoke, cost-effective HVAC system for your business, which completely reduces the need for compromise, contact us today to learn more.