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Why effective communication with clients and within our organisation is vital

Why effective communication with clients and within our organisation is vital

Effective communication in any business sector is essential to success. Without open lines of information and feedback, mistakes can happen, misunderstandings snowball and opportunities evaporate. Therefore, to say communication is vital to Transcool Systems Ltd might be to state the obvious.

However, when communicating with clients about systems that are fundamental to the continuation of day to day functionality, it is more important. When professionals are working on sites with complex risk and outcomes, it is even more essential.

Listening first

Effective communication with clients begins with listening first. Active listening means more than just hearing and recording instructions. The project Engineers and Operations staff are fully immersed in projects and understand the site-specific issues and needs. Active listening requires a critical ear. It is not just listening to respond but to fully appreciate the subtleties of the work needed. Therefore, we expect our team to listen and ask critical questions that will progress the project with success.

Next, clarity

It is then vital that Transcool Systems professionals clearly communicate the design principle to the client. We aim to fully brief the client on the benefits of the final design solution. We also want the client to appreciate the costs. Perfect clarity at this point of briefing prevents many foreseeable problems, once the project is underway.

From this meeting with clients, clarity of design and purpose must then be communicated throughout our company. For instance, we understand that there needs to be a precise translation of the design into manufacturing drawings for our in-house manufacturing facility, who can then create the products. Then, there should be clarity in the instructions to the in-house installation teams to construct the designed system on site, safely and efficiently.

A lack of clarity is like a game of Chinese whispers. Any mistake made at the start will amplify as it travels down the product chain. Therefore, we count this clarity as vital to the success of any work done within the Transcool System team.

Appreciating audience

Effective communication also needs to be adapted for the parties involved. As the work moves along the chain from the design principle, to manufacture, to the installation team and then to the client, the message needs to be adapted to appeal to the needs of the audience. As well as facilitating communication that is timely and clear, our professionals understand that they need to adjust the message to the person receiving the communication.

This adaptation of the message is particularly important when it comes to feeding back to the client. The completed systems drawings, documentation and settings need to be disseminated so that they can keep the in-house records updated.

However, the client must appreciate the essentials of drawings, etc. and how this is relevant to the use of systems. Without this fulfilment of the need of the audience, the communication is pointless.

Transcool Systems Ltd value the relationship built within the team and with our clients. We understand that an essential ingredient in managing this relationship is effective communication.

Contact Transcool Systems today if you value working with people who appreciate the nurturing of professional relationships and want to know more about the entire design and implementation process of quality mechanical and electrical engineering solutions.