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Why it’s the perfect time to maintain or upgrade your cooling system

Why it’s the perfect time to maintain or upgrade your cooling system

With the weather still unpredictable and the chance of a frosty morning, it might seem odd to suggest that you ask us to take a look at your cooling system. However, the winter and early spring is the perfect time to maintain or upgrade this system, before the hot weather arrives and you desperately need its services.


It may be that the perfect time for maintenance could be at the start of winter. Making sure your cooling and your heating system, which are often interlinked, are working well can prevent winter born problems. It could stop you suffering a burst pipe or system cracks forming when all you need is your foam-insulating covers updating, for instance.

Prevention maintains production

Transcool Systems design, deliver and install a range of industrial cooling solutions. Each of these solutions can help you to manage a complex work environment for your employees, which means they can stay productive. For instance, we can offer bespoke design of air handling units. We know that the maintenance of such units year on year can help you avoid costly repair bills. More importantly, it can mean your workforce can continue working in an environment that meets health and safety requirements. A failure of units can make it impossible to continue production. Therefore, an early spring check-up could save you money.

More simply, if you read the Ts and Cs of most cooling systems, the warranty requires yearly maintenance to ensure efficient and effective running. Therefore, getting this required service out of the way each spring makes sense. It means you are fulfilling requirements and making yourself summer ready.

Winter storms bring cooling system problems

Winter storms will cause debris to collect in the parts of your cooling system that run to the outside – such as the condenser unit. This means that you need a maintenance check to clear out twigs, dust and leaves that may cause problems when you start to use your system again. It may be tempting to do this yourself with a hose, but this can cause problems for your coils, outside condenser unit etc – so better to seek professional help.

Such maintenance could require you to straighten bent coils, lift the condenser cover to remove debris, use a condenser comb to remove dust in small nooks, and more. You may feel comfortable doing this, however asking one of our technicians will have the additional bonus of triage of the systems. Our experts can easily spot a problem before it causes you difficulties.

Reduce your inconvenience

The installation of a new cooling system can be highly inconvenient if poorly timed. If you choose to do this in the summer, you could find that you need the system while it is the middle of its upgrade. It may be that you are reminded by the first hot day that your cooling system is on its last legs. However, at this point, it might be too late to manage the upgrade without some disruption.

Like in the summer when the days are long and hot it is difficult to consider upgrading your boiler, it is difficult to feel the urgency to upgrade cooling systems when it is freezing outside. You will thank us for the reminder, we promise you.

Transcool Systems specialise in providing bespoke mechanical and electrical solutions for a wide range of unique problems, overcoming onsite restrictions and limitations to achieve our goals. If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, or phone us on +44 (0)1903 733911.