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Why Transcool Systems is important in an emergency – quick deployment containerised solutions

Why Transcool Systems is important in an emergency – quick deployment containerised solutions

Imagine a situation where a national TV or radio broadcaster has lost a region of service due to some catastrophic event and millions of viewers or listeners are left without service.

Hardly an emergency, you might say, but many of our national broadcasters carry the important role of public service broadcasting, delivering impartial and trusted news and advice that may be critical in national and regional emergencies.

Imagine the logistical headache felt by the program providers in trying to restore the complex systems that provide service, quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Using our experience, gained over many years working on major broadcast re-engineering projects, such as the one in our case study regarding the situation facing broadcasters of UK Terrestrial TV, Transcool Systems are well placed to offer the highly flexible solution of fully functioning, ready to go, stand-alone technical transportable containers.

These are deployable units that can be connected locally to the fixed or generated power systems to provide temporary or long term service while fixed equipment is repaired or replaced.

Using our unique knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing and deploying such complex and reliable systems, we can help you remove the headache of the “what if” from your systems reliability planning.

Offering two types of container – the ISO static containers or ISO mobile containers, which are available in bespoke sizes and designs – Transcool Systems can deliver solutions that exactly meet your requirements. And they are deployable at the moment you need them.

Whether you have a reasonable lead time to plan for a deployment, such a planned shutdown or replacement programme, or the emergency demand comes without warning, the deployment of your containerised solution offers the cost effective, flexible and urgent response you need.

The importance of location

The use of containerised solutions in emergent situations is common sense. Self-contained units can be transported onto the site and offer functionality quickly using HIAB equipment and also can be positioned on difficult sites by crane. ISO mobile containers can provide equipment on the move. The container is trailer mounted and can be adapted to your needs by our in-house design team. The containers will arrive fully kitted out and ready for action immediately. As they are permanently on the back of a trailer, they can also be hitched up and moved or removed as quickly, preventing any unnecessary delay.

Fit for purpose immediately

It is not just that you need to deploy the space quickly; you need the right environment within the container. You need the equipment to be ready to work effectively from the moment of delivery.

Once you have specified the containers, functionality requirements and the region of operation, your ISO static container can be ordered with robust temperature control. If you run equipment that emits heat, then you need the environment strictly controlled to prevent damage to valuable technology.

Our containers can be designed for any type of temperate climates, including working in tropical locations too.

In enclosed spaces

Finally, though probably most crucially, an emergency situation can often happen in a difficult to access site. It could require the unit to be delivered to a roadside or even a roof. Our craneable robust containers can be installed, fully kitted out, in the most challenging of sites.

If you are facing or planning for an emergency that requires a rapid, bespoke solution, contact our Sales Team for further information. The deployment of our containerised solutions could be just what you need for your urgent requirements today.