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Why you need a complete systems provider

When you’re shopping for a complete solution to something, wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed could be dealt with at the same time, by the experts, all under one roof?

No more legwork, less time wasted, less stress and ultimately less overall cost?

Well, the same applies with air cooling systems.

All too often, businesses in need of a HVAC overhaul will end up with one consultant doing the specification, several suppliers building the kit, one contractor doing the power works, then one doing the HVAC, another doing the plant logistics… the list goes on.

And if you’re the one co-ordinating all of it, on behalf of your organisation, then it can seem like a lot of extra time, plenty of budget spends and a great deal of effort that you just don’t have the capacity for.

This is why, when it comes to quality mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, you need a complete HVAC systems provider, who can project manage the job from the survey stage to the finished product at the end.

Benefits of a complete systems provider

An initial Transcool Systems Ltd M&E survey can reduce unnecessary engineering, not only saving on the time it takes, but also reducing the overall spend.

Most of our current work is done from survey to commissioning, which offers clients all of the benefits of a “one stop shop”.

In addition, because we design and build the system, the choice of material and products are based on expert practical knowledge of the equipment’s reliability and performance, not just catalogue and sales claims.

At Transcool Systems, due to our extensive experience in remote and challenging environments, our approach includes the best solutions for installations and more importantly, the pitfalls to be avoided. This is all in order for our clients to receive a bespoke air cooling system, specifically tailored to each operation.

This can’t be done by buying products off the shelf, but by getting to know the specific needs of each and every client space, bearing in mind all sorts of factors, such as the space allowed for the equipment and conditions necessary for the people and products within the building.

Services available as part of your bespoke HVAC system

Transcool Systems has, for many years, specialised in the bespoke design and manufacture of air handling units, silencers and fan boxes, including acoustic design, fan selection and filtration specification to meet a whole range of HVAC installation requirements.

Our variety of mechanical and electrical products and services span multiple industries, including specialist installation, maintenance, infrastructure support and upkeep for various industrial and electrical equipment. The bespoke air handling units we create have integrated controls for indoor or outdoor locations and we can also upgrade older systems. So, instead of the need for complete re-engineering, you’ll reduce on-site installation costs, by simply getting the very best out of your existing unit.

We can also offer the following:

  • Controlled Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Load Testing
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Reduced health and safety risks during site construction due to bespoke design unique to the site and the consideration of lifting and site handling requirements during manufacture.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a bespoke, cost-effective HVAC system for your business, with an end to end service offering which removes the need for several providers, contact us today to learn more.