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Why your Project Won’t get Delivered on Time or on Budget

We have all watched those episodes of Grand Designs were Kevin McCloud rolls his eyes at another couple who launch into an ambitious project with inadequate planning, poor management and no contingency for things going wrong.  These kinds of mistakes may make interesting television but effective project management can stop them being so inevitable during your projects. It isn’t just people designing or renovating their homes who fall foul of these kinds of mistakes.  Building projects, both domestic and commercial, run over time and over budget every day due to avoidable errors.

Poor Planning

Launching into projects without adequate planning and preparation is a great way to ensure that they go over budget and past their deadline.  As we so often see on Grand Designs, not thoroughly surveying and researching the building you are about to work on is a great contributor to this.  Recently, Transcool Systems were asked to install a new air cooling system in an old radio room.  Working in such a confined space, with only one wall that could be used for air supply equipment, could have been disastrous if we hadn’t identified these factors early on and planned strategies to work with them rather than letting them become problems.

Perceived Cost Savings

With budgetary pressures and an increasing notion that “good value for money” is made at the quotation stage, it is easy for clients to assume that that the lowest price will deliver the best result for their project. This can be the 1st step to a poorly managed and delivered project and escalating costs and dangerous risks as the project progresses. Employing the right people with the right skills, experience and drive will deliver a well costed, well planned and well delivered result, with no nasty surprises along the way.

Inefficient Management

Even with careful planning, research and preparation, projects can encounter costly and time consuming problems if they aren’t managed properly throughout.  Hold ups and mistakes most commonly occur when different aspects of the project aren’t coordinated properly so get in each other’s way.  Having different contractors carrying out different parts of an operation can lead to clashes but, using a single contractor for the whole project can ensure that the different aspects of it fit together well so time can actually be saved rather than wasted.

Inadequate Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is something else that needs to be done thoroughly and throughout the process.  Lots of contractors perform risk assessments at the beginning of a project but don’t carry them out at different stages which can lead to unforeseen problems.  These problems can be serious in projects involving dangerous conditions.  When tasked with installing a power distribution system in the lift motor room on the roof level of a hotel, Transcool Systems were faced with a potentially dangerous situation.  Fortunately, we were able to assess and manage the risks well enough to not only avoid a serious accident but get the project finished on budget and on time.

With so much that can go wrong with a project if it isn’t planned, managed and risk assessed effectively, it is vital to use a contractor who has the experience in doing all these things properly.  As Transcool Systems have the experience to ensure the timely, cost effective and successful completion of our clients’ projects.  Speak to us on + 44 (0)1903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk about our project management services.