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Winter is coming – are you up to date with preventative maintenance?

Winter is coming – are you up to date with preventative maintenance?

One of the smartest strategies a company can employ is investing in preventative maintenance for its key systems. Such planning is particularly beneficial in the cold winter months.

Whatever systems your company operates (for example, broadcast or communications systems, industry cooling solutions or industrial electrical systems), the scheduling of regular full-system check-ups has many advantages compared with a repair-on-fault approach.

How preventative maintenance reduces system downtime and major repairs

All equipment is subject to wear and tear, especially if it’s located externally. Sudden changes in weather conditions and temperature, which this country is prone to, can put significant stress and strain on equipment, and exacerbate any existing issues. Preventative maintenance ensures that any deterioration is identified and addressed before it becomes anything more serious.

If equipment deterioration isn’t identified, disaster can strike. One of the worst things that can happen to a company like yours is for one of your major operating systems to go down. And extreme weather conditions can cause this to happen. However, preventative maintenance offers protection against this costly and frustrating eventuality. It helps to ensure that equipment downtime is minimised and that the number of major repairs you need to carry out is reduced.

How to increase the lifespan of your systems and make your staff safer

Furthermore, the monitoring and treating of parts (which is what preventive maintenance should be, rather than merely touching up paintwork and changing filters) help to conserve your equipment, eliminating the premature replacement of parts and machinery and unnecessary engineering work, and increasing the life expectancy of your systems.

In addition, a thorough check-up of your system infrastructure will identify opportunities for the upgrading of parts and the need for larger-scale part replacement. It also helps to maintain high safety standards at your company and to keep your staff safer by acting against the causes of safety hazards.

Why value-for-money preventative maintenance is a reputation saver

Naturally, proper preventative maintenance work requires a very small interruption to your operating activity, as your systems and its components are tested and assessed, but this is nothing compared to the potential downtime caused by a breakdown. Imagine the cost to your company, both financial and in terms of reputation, of a disruption lasting hours or even days and stopping clients receiving products and services on time or at all – it’s not a pretty picture.

How to boost company performance, efficiency and profits

Overall, if you invest in regular preventative maintenance for your systems (for example, on a quarterly basis – spreading out the costs), you will deliver better performance and greater efficiency to your company, saving it money and boosting profits.

A company that puts in place such a systems strategy is undoubtedly a smart one, and a normally a successful one. Now is the time to act.

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