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Winter is coming – is it time for preventative planned maintenance of your ventilation systems?

Winter is coming – is it time for preventative planned maintenance of your ventilation systems?

We announce winter is coming and then suggest maintenance of your cooling system. But, while calling in the maintenance engineers might sound counter-intuitive, the winter and early spring are actually the perfect time for maintenance of your ventilation systems.

Your cooling and heating systems are often linked, so prevention is better than cure during the colder months. Nobody wants to be handling an emergency with HVAC systems when the hot weather has set in.

What does good ventilation system maintenance include?

Before we explore the benefits of such a maintenance appointment with a Transcool Systems ventilation system engineer, let’s consider what work needs doing to prevent long term ventilation system problems.

An engineer will follow a similar regime, whether it is a domestic or commercial unit. They are likely to check for blocked filters, clean heat exchange surfaces, unblock condensation drains, replace damaged damper seals, repair seized damper actuators and check the controls are calibrated correctly.

Furthermore, during this maintenance check important components are checked, such as the fans and pumps. These and other motor checks can help the engineer assess the wearing to the bearings and windings. The engineer is also likely to straighten bent coils, remove debris blown in by the wind, and remove dust from nooks.

While much of this list addresses small problems before they become bigger issues, dirty heat exchange surfaces reduce efficiency and blocked condensation drains invite a build-up of bacteria. Consequently, this is an appointment that returns on its investment in terms of your utility budget and the health of those in the building.

It might be tempting to believe you can do much of the cleaning and filter changes yourself, but the benefit of calling in an expert is that they can spot problems before they cause you even greater issues. Anticipating parts failures and rectifying these early is possible because they work with these types of ventilation systems every day – and being proactive, rather than reactive, can potentially mean less cost for you.

Prevention is better than a cure

When we say prevention is better than a cure, we really mean that it is cheaper in the long run. It is far better to prevent bigger problems than endure the repair bill when something goes wrong.

Transcool Systems offers bespoke design of air handling units, and we know that maintenance of such units annually can prevent breakdowns. Parts of a unit require regular updates, such as the filters, and failure to make these changes will lead to severe problems.

Despite feeling that you can sit comfortably because your unit is within its warranty, you need to be sure of the terms and conditions for your unit. Most manufacturers write into the Ts and Cs an annual requirement for a maintenance check to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Failure to fulfil this part of the warranty could invalidate your claim for work.

Ventilation system maintenance – from winter through to early spring

The optimum time for this work is now if your cooling and heating systems are the same. You want the colder months to be problem-free. If your air handling system works independently, then you might want to wait until early spring. The leaves and twigs of winter storms make their way into your system and need clearing out before you switch it on.

Transcool Systems offers ventilation system maintenance visits, where our experts will give your air handling system a thorough check-up. Contact us today if you would like to book an appointment now or in early spring.