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Workplace Ventilation Systems: Choosing The Best Option

Workplace Ventilation Systems: Choosing The Best Option

Air handling units (AHU) have come a long way in the last few decades. And, with the events of 2020/21 bringing more focus than ever on the importance of air quality, workplace ventilation systems can now be found in a diverse range of industries.

Providing air flow for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, an air handling unit is a worthwhile investment for companies large and small. From hospitals and offices to retail units and industrial warehouses, the key is finding a workplace ventilation system that meets the unique needs of your business.

When it comes time to choose a ventilation system for your premises, there are a number of decisions you’ll need to make which your consultant will talk you through. The first, and perhaps most important of all, is whether to choose a bespoke or off-the-shelf unit.

Off-The-Shelf Air Handling Units

A decade ago, when a ventilation system didn’t do much more than circulate air, off-the-shelf systems were the most popular AHU solution. Without many options to select from, it was a relatively straightforward process to pick an off-the-shelf AHU and have it installed in your building. It was a quick and easy option, although, even at the time, it was probably not the most cost-effective long-term solution.

Today, an off-the-shelf unit can still be a great choice if you need a workplace ventilation system in a hurry and your needs are not too specific. However, if you want a system that isn’t one size fits all, something that can be adapted to meet your needs, a bespoke system is the obvious choice.

Custom Workplace Ventilation Systems

While an off-the-shelf unit still offers a shorter lead time between placing your order and having it installed, the bespoke unit offers much more flexibility. Built to match the needs of the client, not the manufacturer, a custom workplace ventilation system is completely tailored to your requirements, environment and space restrictions.

Many of our clients find that an off-the-shelf system is either much too big or small for their needs. A custom unit is much more flexible both in terms of layout and size. For example, they can be vertical, horizontal or modular, based on what makes the most sense for your building. Not only does this ensure your system will be fit for purpose, but it will also help to reduce the cost of on-site installation.

Highest Quality Build and Installation

While off-the-shelf systems are the fastest to install, a bespoke Transcool System has much more thought put into its design. Aspects such as onsite lifting, handling and installation are factored in from the start. This not only creates less disruption for your workforce, but also reduces construction site health and safety risks.

Because every aspect of your unit is designed by a team of expert engineers, your system will also benefit from a level of documentation that simply isn’t available from off-the-shelf manufacturers. This includes; layout drawings, factory load test data, a list of spares and, if required, factory acceptance testing (FAT) that can be witnessed and signed off by you as the client.

Bespoke Air Handling Units For Business

So, we’ve explored some of the logistics about what makes a bespoke AHU such a wise choice, but how does it perform? What is it about a customised workplace ventilation system that is so flexible and adaptable? And what does that look like for the daily running of your operation in real terms?

The benefit of a custom system is that it can be built to not only meet your current needs, but be set up to accommodate you in the future too. And, unlike off-the-shelf units that offer a generic range of features, you can choose exactly what you do and don’t need, ensuring that your money is being well spent.

Here are just a few examples of customisable features in a bespoke AHU:

Fan performance

By understanding the cubic space of your building and your desired flow-rate for ventilation, we can choose a fan unit that is up to the task.

Acoustic dampening

The level of noise that is acceptable in an industrial environment is very different from that in a residential building. We’ll build your exchange unit with this in mind.

Humidifier specifications

Damp, moist environment? Or perhaps you have certain zones in your business that require constant, measurable humidity levels? That’s no problem for a custom AHU.


To what extent do you need to filter the air in your premises? Do certain rooms need more filtration than others? Tailor your system with ease.

Energy efficiency

Do you have a corporate target to reduce your carbon emissions? We can factor that into the design of your workplace ventilation system without sacrificing quality.

If this all seems like a lot to think about, rest assured that our design engineers are on hand to help you find precisely the solution you need. Transcool Systems provides bespoke air handling units with integrated controls for indoor, outdoor and space-restricted locations, as well as upgrades of existing systems.

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