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The EU Energy Efficiency Directive and How It Will Impact Your Business

December 2012 saw the establishment of the Energy Efficiency Directive, a set of measures and policies to ensure that the EU reaches its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020. There is a specific focus on energy saving requirements for buildings in EU countries and many businesses are still unaware of how this will impact them.

How The EU Directive Affects Your Business

ESOS is the UK’s implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The key requirement of the Directive is that businesses with more than 250 staff members must conduct high quality energy efficiency audits every four years, unless they are ISO 50001 certified.

Those found to be non-compliant risk damaging their reputation within the marketplace as well as a penalty of up to £50,000.

How Transcool Systems’ HVAC Solutions Can Help

Transcool Systems provides a range of bespoke HVAC systems designed to meet the specific requirements of your business, save your business money, and, perhaps more crucially, will ensure that you are completely compliant with new legislation.

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