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Finned Tube

Type SG-1

Meets the demand for a finned tube with the highest possible thermal rating, achieved by ensuring that the bond between fin and tube is completely homogeneous.
This is a very robust finned tube with a very high efficiency.

A helical groove is rolled in the outer surface of the tube, the strip is wound into the groove and the displaced metal is pressed back into the root of the fin, forming a bond which requires no welding , brazing or soldering.

Typical materials are:

Tubes Fins
Mild Steel Copper
Mild Steel Mild Steel
Copper Mild Steel

Type SG-A

Type SG-A finned tube is manufactured by knurling the outside of the tube, the strip is wound onto the tube and a small crimp is allowed to form on the inner edge. The final tool forces the crimp into the knurl, forming feet which are firmly bonded to the tube surface, leaving a fin which is flat and smooth.

Tubes can be supplied in random or fixed lengths up to 6m long, with plain ends free from fins.

Typical materials are:

Mild Steel Aluminum
Copper Copper or Aluminum   
Stainless Steel Copper or Aluminum

Type SG-C

This type of finned tube is widely used for all forms of space heating both commercially and for domestic use.

Manufactured from Mild Steel strip and Medium Steel tubes, and is usually referred to as “crimped” type.

These are normally supplied with screwed, flanged or plain ends suitable for welding.

We can also offer a painted finish on the outside which is very popular.

Typical materials are:

Tubes Fins
Mild Steel Mild Steel
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

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