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Electrical Installation Engineer and an AutoCAD Draughtsperson Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for site and office based Engineers.
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Industrial Cooling Solutions

We design, deliver and install a range of air cooling systems, specifically tailored to each operation.

Contact our Sales Team for further information on all our products and services including Design, Project Management, Site Services, Transmitter, Combiner and Feeder Installations, Power and Monitoring Installations and Containers, Cabins and Enclosures.


Air handAir Handling Units

We specialise in the bespoke design and manufacture of air handling units, silencers, acoustic lining and fan boxes including acoustic design, fan selection and filtration specification to meet any of your installation requirements.

Our bespoke air handling units have integrated controls for indoor or outdoor locations with restricted space and we can also upgrade older systems to:

  • Reduce on-site installation cost  thanks to bespoke unit design for the site and conditions, and restrictions taken into consideration during manufacture
  • Provide Controlled Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Load testing
  • Provide enhanced quality control
  • Reduce health and safety risks during site construction due to bespoke design unique to the site and the consideration of lifting and site handling requirements during manufacture


Air ductAir Ductwork

In addition to our Air Handling Units, we offer Bespoke Design and Manufacture of Duct Work to DW142 and ancillary systems including fan enclosures, motorised control and fire damper selection and filter housings to meet any of your requirements.




Air filtersAir Filtration Units

Our Purpose Built Filtration Units designed to meet the required airflow and pressure drop of the air system, include the specific type of filter required to meet the local and ambient conditions; for example; Salt Filters for Coastal sites or Coalescing Filters for sites that suffer from low cloud, foggy and wet conditions. All filtration units include filter monitoring and are fitted with an integral drip tray and drain hose for the removal of separated water.


ControlControl Panels

In parallel with our other HVAC products, our Bespoke Designed Cooling Plant Control Panels can minimize site wiring and installation times and are all factory wired and tested before delivery to site. All integral controllers can be pre commissioned and all control panels are supplied with full Operating and Maintenance literature.



Pump rack insulationPumping Units and Pipework

For Water Cooled solutions, we specialise in the Design and Manufacture of Pumping Racks including atmospheric Open Tank type, Fully Sealed type with pressure vessel and Hybrid type incorporating high level expansion tank. In addition we offer Design and Installation services for all Allied Pipework including Stainless Steel and Copper crimp systems, Soldered and Brazed Copper systems and Flexible Hose systems.


Heat exchangersHeat Exchangers

In addition to our Pumping Units and Pipework services, we specialise in the Bespoke Design of Heat Exchangers including Plate Fin type and Spirally Wound finned tube type in a variety of tube & casing materials and fan types to meet the environmental conditions.